Aqualabel workshop

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  1. Aqualabel Moist Essence GG - special treatment essence targeted at minimising pores (full size, new) $20 29.90
  2. AC Lotion & AC Moisturiser & AC Essence (full size) $20 each 29.90
  3. WT Enhancer star product (blue) $20 29.90.
  4. Moisturising range (set of 3 travel size bottles -blue WT range) $12 - Lotion R, Emulsion R & Enhancer. 
  5. One white reset mask (blue) $8

See below for picture of products

AquaLabel Workshop
I attended the AQUALABEL beauty workshop on the 19th August 7-9pm at the Shiseido HQ office above California Fitness gym at Grange Road. Shiseido carries Ettusais, Shiseido white lucent, cosmetics Majolica Majorca, ZA and Shisedo voltage hair products, alongside with Aqualabel.
I rushed there after settling my daily chores and was slightly late. Fortunately they are still in the midst of the slides explaining the technology of Aqualabel products.

aqua ripple(twirl) effect. (photo illustrator is addictive!)

PS. all the Aqualabel products are color-coded in red or blue so you know if it is the whitening(blue) or moisturising(red) range. White ACne is indicated with AC.First time users will find this useful.
After the slides presentation of the products, it is time to sample them for ourselves!

First, basic hygiene.
Clean hands before using any product.

(left) Blue Whitening range
(right) Red Moisturising range. Presenter Yanny in the background.

Operation Remove Makeup !
All photos and footage courtesy of my LG GT540 Optimus. The camera is just 3MP, quite poor as compared to other contestants' DSLR. (sure enough, the ones with crystal-embellished DSLR won) After the workshop, my silver mobile is covered with lotion, emulsion and everything aqua~.

We remove our makeup using a few drops of Aqualabel Deep Clean Oil Cleansing ($18.90 150ml) on my fingers, rub lightly, followed by a damp cotton pad to wipe off the oily residue. You can just wash your face at the basin.
Next, we soften our skin to better absorb the goodness of the next skincare steps.
Saturate Aqualabel White Up Lotion S*  ($26.90 130ml) on a cotton pad and tap inside out.
Do not abrase the cotton pad against your skin but tap in an upwards motion, not downwards!

This Bright White EX essence ($35.50, 45ml most expensive product in the Aqualabel line) stops excessive melanin production with an ingredient, m-tranexamic acid. Melanin is the main cause of pigmentation and dark spots. It does not occur to women in their 30s but for young adult blemished skin, melanin is the reason for the dark patches of post-acne or pimple marks. I believe my stubborn acne marks can lighten with regular usage of the essence.


Unlike the Whitening blue range, the Mositurising red range has 4 products, along with the Moist Net Essence. I tried the Moisture Essence GG to minimise my pore size. Miniature pore size is the rage these days. A few years later, I guess it's my turn to use the Moisture Essence HA to erase the fine lines...

Mask time!
 Perfectly in sync for the Seventh Month Festival. Just kidding.

 My turn. Never before seen footage on blog.
The unique S-shaped cuts in the Moist Charge Mask ($22.90) can be stretched to lift the skin, keeping it firm and tout.

I tried the Moist Charge Mask.
Unlike other masks which need a downtime of 20mins to work its magic, this miracle intensive moisturizing mask replenishes the skin with sufficient moisture in just 3 minutes- all thanks to its patent Hyaluronic acid.
The mask is a special care step to be used after softener before emulsion, preferably twice a week.

I learnt a lot about putting masks.
You must ensure the entire mask is in contact with your face from the hairline till the jaws and chin area.
The mask size is very generous so it is big enough even for pancake faces like mine.
Tap on lightly with fingers to massage the potion into your face.
Remove the mask from the bottom.
Actually I have a habit of putting the other unused side of the mask on my body, eg. my dark knee caps, but the efficient Aqualabel angels cleared the used masks so quickly.
Seriously 5mins on the face is too short a time to indulge!
Thereafter we did a full facial massage with our ring finger and pinkie. Everyone was so hands-full that no one took picture of the steps.

Next essential step is using the moisturiser or White Up Emulsion S* ($29.90, 130ml).
Use the Emulsion as a moisturising step in the day.

* There are 2 versions for Lotion and Emulsion - R and S.
R: Moist, is meant for normal to dry skin. R version is more moisturising and richer.
S: Fresh, is meant for combination to oily skin. S is less moisturising and the texture is milder.

The final step of skincare routine is the SIGNATURE product!- the Aqualabel Aqua Enhancer WT ($26.90 130ml)

Its whitening formula boasts M-tranexamic acid which inhibits melanin production and brightens skin tone. this ingredient is also present in the Shiseido White Lucent series. Imagine getting the same desired effect at a fraction of the price!
Use a appropriate amount of this lightly scented water on cotton pads or your palms.
The enhancer seals in the serums and moisturiser you used in the previous steps and penetrate deeper into your skin. How does it achieve that? The Aqua Synergy present in the Enhancer pushes all your oily serum and gel based moisturiser further into the skin, hence your skin wil not feel sticky.
This can be used to complement other brand products if you have not already shifted your full skincare regime to Aqualabel. It reduces the stickiness of prior steps products, leaving the skin cool. However, never Rub it into your skin as it would wipe away your softener, moisturiser and all the previous steps of your skincare routine. Remember, it's a Patting motion.

For the final step in the night time regime, use Aqualabel White Up Cream ($31.50 30g) for some serious night time moisturising.

For the day time regime, end it with the milk to protect yourself against the harmful sun rays, even when you are indoors. Fluorescent lights give off UV rays too! 

Dab on some Sun Protection or Aqualabel White Protect Milk UV ($26.90, 40ml). Its SPF 30. PA++ is sufficient for daily activities, in the office or in the lecture hall. You do not have to reapply mid-day.

If you are a sporty girl, try Aqualabel Perfect Protect Milk UV ($28.90 45ml). Its SPF 50 PA+++ makes sure you are adequately protected from the sun's harmful rays when you are involved in YOG :) activities such as swimming and other outdoor sports. Be sporty, not spotty! Unlike other brands, higher SPF content does not mean that the milk is stickier. In fact this does not leave any white residue and is sweat-resistant.

To ensure that your skin is a perfect canvas for makeup to glide on smoothly and last longer, use Aqualabel White Up Base ($24.90, 40ml). This is like a makeup primer to correct skin discolorations. This contains SPF25 PA+ as well.

Makeup/Foundation is available in liquid and compact powder form with SPF 23 PA+.
(only for whitening range) Whitening makeup is all the rage now.
Liquid foundation will offer more coverage for blemished skin like mine.
Compact foundation means a lighter coverage but on the go.
All makeup is non-comedogenic, free of paraben, fragrance, allergen and oil to ensure it is allergies-free.
Foundation comes in 5 shades: natural skintone OC10, 20, 30; yellow skintone BO10 and pink skintone PO10. Natural and yellow skintone better suit Singaporean girls better.
I am between 20(normal) and 30(tan). OC25? HAHA.
Pink skintone is for caucasian-ivory or Korean or Japanese really fair with pink veins skin.
5shades for you to choose from. Fair Natural Tan (OC); Yellow (BO); Pink(PO)

Compact also available in the 5shades.

Beats me:
Say for eg. I use sun protection milk (SPF 30 / 50) followed by makeup base (SPF 25) and foundation (SPF 23), do I need 78 - 98 of SPF on a regular day out?

Instead of touching up some makeup, I dab on some White Up Cream ($31.50 30g) You use this at bedtime to further lock in moisture while you sleep.
I had a few Hershey kisses chocolates (no girl dared touch the blemish-causing sins) and went home without any makeup or foundation.
Some suggestions:
- extend the White AC line with White AC serum for targetted blemishes/acne/pimples
- have a specific White AC Blemish-away Cleansing Gel , soap or powder wash.
- White AC foaming bubble , peel-off or wash-off Mask so we have more options other than cloth mask.
- White Up Eye Gel/Serum/Cream/Rollerball for puffy eyes, dark circles and wrinkles
(All the current products are mild enough to apply on the entire face, including eye area, probably due to the absence of an eye-specific product)
- Reset White Eye Mask
- Moisturising Lip Gloss
Suggested by me for oily acne-prone skin.

May the Power of Aqua be with you!

Blog entry #1:
AquaLabel Products:

Taking the plunge and joining the blogging contest.
Prize: all-expenses paid trip to Japan
Aqualabel White AC Lotion; Facebook page; Contest details

I Guess I'm a real fan of Shiseido group of products under my mum's influence. She's using their high end UV White range of products, recently she tried their White Lucent range. So you can't believe how excited I am when there's something from Shiseido Japan that addresses my acne skin problems and fits my budget!
When I saw the Aqualabel counter at Watsons',  I just knew I had to try it.
Aqualabel products range from $16.90 for a cream cleanser to $35.90 for the concentrated serums. Those who are avid beauty magazine readers will be familiar with the label but for those who are not...

AQUALABEL is a skincare range first launched in Japan in 2006. Specially developed for those who believe that "The Lack of Moisture is the Root of All Skin Evils", this masstige brand is developed by Shiseido Whitening Pioneer with over 100 years of experience and first in the market to formulate Hyaluronic Acid.

Similar to the higher-end Shiseido White Lucent, this whitening range contains M-tranexamic Acid, a powerful ingredient that targets the root of pigmentation problems by inhibiting melanin production.

A moisturising range that is suitable for mature skin, that features key ingredients Collagen Glycerin and Apricot Extract that quench dehydrated skin lacking in elasticity.

AQUALABEL WHITE AC                             MY FAVE PRODUCT
If you are a fan of Japanese skincare products eg. Ettusais, Fancl and such, you would be familiar with the AC label. They always add an AC tag to their ACne skincare products.
On top of the usual acne care products that kill bacteria to prevent inflammation and development of acne, this Anti-Acne whitening series is proven Effective in minimising melanin accumulation, thus preventing acne and lightening acne scars.
You may be asking me. Since Aqualabel and other AC products originate from the same country -Japan, why bother switching from 1 green bottle to another?
Ans: Economic sense/cents
Aqualabel lotion costs $26.90 for a bottle of 200ml while Fancl lotion costs $25 for a travel size 30ml. (They do not carry any bottle larger than 50ml with preservatives-free claim. Hmmm)
EOS say a larger bottle is easier on your wallet. You have to use it at least twice daily. Plus you are "greener" when you save the number of bottles produced.

Sample of My Skincare Regime for Oily/Acne-prone skincare regime:
  • Step0: Remove make up. Use a cloth wipe (SIMPLE Wipes $13.90 for a pack of 25) or AQUALABEL Deep Clear Oil Cleansing $18.50, 150ml). For lazy me, I'm more of a wipes person and despite reading many beauty reports, I am still paranoid about using oil cleansers for my oily skin.
  • Step1: Cleansing. Double cleanse with a light cleansing gel or milk. Cream cleansers are not suitable for oily/combination skin like mine. Aqualabel blue range White Clear Form ($16.90 for a 130ml tube) contains White Clay Powder to remove impurities without imposing undue burden on skin and Skin-friendly Granules that releases Hyaluronic Acid into skin when massaged onto face. It exfoliates gently but I am over paranoid about scrubbing my acne skin.
  • Step2: Soften or Tone. I only started this step recently. Prior to this, my skincare 'regime'  only comprise of wash and pimple cream. LOL. Other Japanese brands i.e. Ettusais has a product (step2.0) Acne Skin Version UP to prime your skin before softening/toning to enable the skin to better absorb the nutrients. Toner is aka White AC Lotion or Softener for Japanese skincare brands.

  • Step4: Do a White Reset Mask at least once a week. Massage the essence after removal of mask.
AQUALABEL Reset mask              Widely-raved about

- An intensive whitening care mask to undo the damages caused by UV rays.
- Prevents formation of excess melanin and replenishes skin with sufficient amounts of moisture.
- Mask features S-shaped cuts to lift cheeks and keep them firm.
SGD24.90 (Pack of 4 sheets)
  • Step5: Moisturise. Moisturiser is aka Emulsion for day usage (AQUALABEL White Up Emulsion S $29.90 130ML) For oily skins like mine, gel or water-based forms are more suitable #Tip: always ask the promoter/beauty consultant whether it's gel or water-based. Otherwise it is more common in cream forms i.e. AQUALABEL White Up Cream ($31.50 30g) for night use. That is why it is only recently that I start to realise I should moisturise my skin!
QN? For acne prone oily skin like mine, can I use the White Up Cream at night? I hear from dermatologists and many written sources that oily skin people should abstain from rich creams. (Even for eye cream, I get oily bits from using an eye cream instead of an eye gel or serum.)
  • Step 6: Enhancer
AQUALABEL Aqua Enhancer WT    
Must Try
- A powerful "infusion" skincare step that ensures all ingredients from previous skincare products are effectively and maximally absorbed
- Supercharges essential ingredients into deep layers of your skin with high concentrations of Aqua Synergy
- A unique concept to be used as the last step of any skincare routine
 $26.90 130ml 

Are you an AQUALABEL user too? 
Leave a comment or review of the product you used. 

CLARINS fr. $2!

Selling the (1) Spot Corrector (roll-on) $18
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WHITE PLUS *new* range
White Plus Intensive Whitening Smoothing Serum 5g satchel  1 for $8 $3 mailed
UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection 5g satchel  1 for $5 $3 mailed

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Toning Lotion Alcohol-free with Iris (Combi/Oily skin)
left: 10ml $5 $3;
right: full size bottle 200ml $42 (25% OFF)

OIL CONTROL Set for Combi/Oily skin prone to blemishes:
Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Tamarind & Purifying Micro-pearls (Combi/Oily skin) 5ml tube $5 $3 mailed
Toning Lotion Alcohol-free with Iris (Combi/Oily skin) 10ml $5 $3 mailed
Hydra-Matte Lotion (moisturiser) Combi skin 5ml tube $5 $3 mailed

left: full size 50ml $98  only $28 (>50% off) *SOLD*
right: 5ml tube $8 $4 EACH mailed.

The essential refining and draining skin care to use before any serum, to release fluid from the face, remove excess fats and restore refined and youthful facial contours.
This her world Award-winning smooth, refreshing serum instantly lightens the face to reveal more refined facial contours. It firms the features, to "lift" and rejuvenate. The face is refined and protected from dark spots while the complexion is brighter and radiant.

Go to  "SKINCARE Samples from $1" page  for more items.

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